Reviews About Sprazzo's Balsamic Vinegar

Cinelli Balsamico Reserva perfectly complements breads, assorted cheeses, vegetables, salads, fresh fruit, as well as cooked beef or chicken. Sprazzo Cucina Italiana?s balsamic vinegar carries our Italian family name, Cinelli, where family Italian recipes and traditions began generations ago in our hometown of Abruzzi, Italy. Cinelli Balsamico Reserva - unlike any balsamic vinegar you?ve ever tasted!

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"Absolutely amazing balsamic vinegar / everything else superlative!"
Emily - October 2008
West Los Angeles, California

"Delicious!! And your balsamic vinegar is incredible. Thank you!"
Amy - July 2008
Brentwood, California

"Good service. GREAT BALSAMIC!"
Milt - February 2008
Beverly Hills, California

"Love the balsamic! Gnocchi were amazing! Look forward to coming back. Server was attentive and friendly."
Steven - September 2008
Westwood, California

"Best balsamic vinegar and bread I've ever had - love everything here!"
Jenny - February 2008
West Los Angeles, California

"Please let me know when you start selling your balsamic vinegar."
Cam - September 2007
Westwood, California

"Love the balsamic vinegar!"
Nina - September 2008
West Los Angeles, California

"We love it here and come a lot. Please bottle and sell the balsamic vinegar!"
Eric - February 2008
West Los Angeles, California

"Always excellent - want to buy balsamic vinegar!"
Sandy - December 2006
West Los Angeles, California

"Delicious! The balsamic vinegar was noteworthy."
Laree - October 2008
Westwood, California

"Please let us know when you will be selling the World's Best of the best balsamic vinegars."
Javied - June 2008
West Los Angeles, California

"Very good. May I buy your balsamic vinegar?"
Martin - March 2008
West Los Angeles, California

"Great balsmic vinegar! Please email me when you sell vinegar."
Gail - April 2008
Westwood, California

"Very good food and service. Great balsamic vinegar."
Fred - August 2008
West Los Angeles, California

"Please email me when your balsamic vinegar is ready for sale."
John - May 2007
Santa Monica, California